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Tom Brady rookie card sells for $250K on eBay

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A Tom Brady rookie card sold for $250,000 on eBay on Thursday, shattering the record for the highest price paid for a Brady collectible and the second-highest price ever paid for a modern-day sports card.

The card, a Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket championship version, is one of 100 that were produced in 2000.

The previous high for a Brady collectible sold at auction was a game-used jersey, which sold for $57,500 last February. The only modern-day card that has sold for more at auction than this Brady card was a LeBron "Logoman" 1 of 1 rookie card, which sold for $312,000 in 2016.

The card that was sold is in the best condition of those that have been graded.

"For a modern-day card, this one has had issues -- from chipping on the sides, to centering, to the autograph," said Rick Probstein, the largest-volume sports memorabilia seller on eBay, with $29 million in sales on the site in 2017.

Probstein listed the card for Brady collector Joe Prizio, who says he bought the card three years ago for $15,000.

"I wanted to enjoy Brady cards, but I also wanted to make good investments," he said. "Brady, in the card world, is now being mentioned in the same breath as Jordan and Mickey Mantle."

Prizio has all 135 of Brady's rookie cards, most of them in the best grade. One card he has listed on eBay through Probstein currently has a Buy It Now price of $500,000.

He bought that card and 11 other cards from a dealer for a total of $30,000 in 2011, he said.

As Brady goes for his sixth Super Bowl ring this weekend, there are no lack of auctions hoping to cash in on the buzz. Goldin Auctions is auctioning off a Super Bowl LII family ring with Brady's name on it. It's the first Brady item related to his Super Bowls ever offered at auction. Security in and out of the locker room will be tighter this year after Brady had his game-used jersey stolen following last year's game. An investigation led to Mexico, where a journalist was found to have the jersey and another Brady Super Bowl uniform.

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