The Dolphins make a few adjustments for 2018

The Dolphins made some progress with their uniform tweaks for 2018. Miami Dolphins

Two Florida-based NFL teams announced uniform changes today. One of them, the Jacksonville Jaguars, completely overhauled their look. The other one, the Miami Dolphins, made only a slight tweak -- but got a lot of visual mileage out of it.

The Dolphins have maintained their basic look, with no changes to their logo, their primary shade of aqua, or their number font. But they've made two small color adjustments: First, they've made their shade of orange deeper and more vibrant. And they've removed the blue outlining from their jersey numbers, player nameplates, helmet striping and pants striping.

Those changes may seem small, but the visual impact is big -- and very positive. By deepening the orange and not making it compete against the blue anymore, the team has given its orange trim a much higher profile, all of which feels, well, more Dolphins-y. It hearkens back to the team's original uniform set from the 1960s and '70s. (Additional photos and information are available here.)

Of course, some fans would prefer that the team do more than just evoke the team's original uniforms -- they'd like to see those old designs return on a full-time basis. For now, though, the Dolphins have no plans to change their current logo or number font. They will continue to wear their gorgeous throwbacks twice per season, however, primarily against division rivals or in other high-profile games.

The feeling here at Uni Watch HQ is that the Dolphins' uniforms could still use a bit of work (the wordmark on the back of the pants is embarrassing and the snub-nosed number font doesn't work), but they've taken some serious steps forward with these small changes. Their overall set now grades out to about a B+, and today's color changes get a grade of A.

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