Baker Mayfield dons jorts, re-creates Brett Favre's draft-day photo

Mayfield channeling Favre to change narrative? (0:44)

Jalen Rose shares how Baker Mayfield recreating Brett Favre's famous draft day photo is smart way to steer the Johnny Manziel comparisons away. (0:44)

On the eve of the NFL draft, Baker Mayfield turned back the clock and showed he's having a ton of fun with one of the biggest moments of his life just hours away.

The Heisman Trophy-winning University of Oklahoma quarterback posted a photo on Twitter that re-created the well-known Brett Favre image from the 1991 draft, when the future Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback received a call from the Atlanta Falcons, who had just picked him in the second round.

Like the Favre photo, Mayfield's was complete with jean shorts, wood paneling, an old-school phone and family and friends packed into a small room.

Favre tweeted back at Mayfield on Thursday morning.

The Mayfields were big fans of Favre and the Green Bay Packers while growing up in Texas.

A family member told ESPN's Jake Trotter that the Mayfields knew of the now-famous Favre photo taken in his bedroom at his parents' home in Mississippi on the night of the 1991 draft, an image taken by a local newspaper photographer that eventually spread to national magazines and television.

Baker Mayfield and his family thought it would be fun, in the days leading up to this year's draft, to recreate the shot with family members and friends.

So they hashed out the specifics with Mayfield's marketing team. The QB's mother bought wallpaper that looked like the wood paneling shown in Favre's bedroom. Baker already owned jeans shorts similar to those worn by Favre following his playing days at Southern Mississippi. They selected photos of Baker in his youth sports days to decorate the wall.

It took three hours to assemble the "set," a family member told Trotter.

The image, though, likely will be remembered for far longer than that.