Cowboys' Terrance Williams told police ex-teammate Kendall Wright responsible for crash

FRISCO, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams told Frisco police that former Baylor teammate and current Minnesota Vikings receiver Kendall Wright was responsible for the accident involving Williams' Lamborghini last weekend, according to the police report.

Williams was arrested for public intoxication, a Class C misdemeanor, and was later released on a $369 bond from the Frisco Detention Center.

Police are still investigating the cause of the accident in which Williams' Lamborghini crashed into a light pole not far from the Cowboys' practice facility.

Police found the Lamborghini at 4:41 a.m., determined it was registered to Williams and went to his home in a gated community. The gate attendant told Officer Steve Byrom that Williams had arrived as a passenger in a car 10 to 15 minutes before police arrived.

According to the arrest report, Williams said he was home when he was informed of the accident and that Wright was on his way to a club.

Vikings general manager Rick Spielman addressed the matter in a brief statement on Thursday.

"I have spoken directly with Kendall and his agent and both have assured me there is no truth to the matter," Spielman said.

However, in a statement released by Williams through his agency after the accident, he said, "The driver in front of me slammed on his brakes and I turned to the left and hopped the curb to avoid hitting him. I got his insurance information and my neighbor picked me up when my car wouldn't drive."

As Byrom was about to return to the scene of the accident, he saw Williams driving an electric bicycle, "swerving heavily from side to side, then the bicycle stopped suddenly and Terrance was observed falling over the handlebars on the front and onto the ground."

Byrom performed a welfare check on Williams, and during the conversation he noted Williams "to have bloodshot and watery eyes, his speech was slurred, and the strong odor of alcohol was detected emitting from his breath as he spoke."

After Williams was handcuffed, Byrom found keys to the Lamborghini in the receiver's pocket. Asked what happened to his car, Williams said his friend Wright "was an idiot." Williams said Wright called him at 1:45 a.m. to inform him of the accident.

Williams told Byrom that his cell phone was in the abandoned car, but he was told by somebody at his house about the accident.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Wednesday that he spoke with Williams, who is recovering from offseason foot surgery, a couple of times regarding the incident. Williams could face punishment under the league's personal conduct policy even if he is not found guilty of legal wrongdoing.

"It's an ongoing investigation, so I have no further comment," Garrett said. "I really don't have any comment about what he and I have talked about, but he's been in our building the last couple of days working out. He hasn't practiced because he's coming off the injury, but he's working out and he's a part of our team."