Antonio Brown: Connection with Ben Roethlisberger is like spotty Wi-Fi

PITTSBURGH -- When it comes to his connection with Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown doesn't plan to reboot the router.

"It's like Wi-Fi, you know," said the All-Pro Steelers receiver entering Sunday's matchup with the Atlanta Falcons in Heinz Field. "Sometimes the connection is poor. Sometimes the connection is great. But it's always connected."

Brown has 29 catches through four games, but his average of 9.4 yards per catch is four less than his career average. Brown recorded eight 100-yard games in 14 games last season but has zero so far this year.

Second-year receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster leads the Steelers in receptions (31) and yards (416) on 38 targets, four less than Brown. Smith-Schuster said he's benefiting from consistent double teams dedicated to Brown.

The Steelers failed to convert 10 of 12 third downs in Sunday's 26-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, with Roethlisberger targeting Brown on many of those attempts.

On the sideline between those plays, Brown and Roethlisberger did not have much dialogue on the sideline. Instead, Brown was seen going through plays with backup Josh Dobbs.

Brown said his communication with his quarterback is just fine, and sometimes directed at the media.

"Me and Ben laugh about you guys, creating drama, writing about us," Brown said. "Trying to create adversity and distractions. We actually text about it, laughing, communicate a lot on text message about you guys."

Brown added the Steelers offense must "find a way to move the chains," and he's confident that signature explosion between him and his quarterback will come. Since 2015, Brown and Roethlisberger have combined for six games of 180 yards.

"We will make our plays," Brown said. "We just got to find a way to get this thing rolling."

Roethlisberger took the blame for the Week 4 struggles, stressing if he does his part, Brown will "get his numbers, which will in turn get us wins."

Roethlisberger has 1,414 passing yards for eight touchdowns, five interceptions and a 64.0 completion percentage on the year.

Sunday features the very best in receiver play between Brown and Falcons receiver Julio Jones, who's pacing for a 2,000-yard season.

Brown said there's nothing Jones can't do on a field, but he's not into comparisons.

"I'm just trying to win," Brown said. "You guys can compare me to him a couple of years from now."