Patriots WR Josh Gordon building bond with Tom Brady

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon described his growing bond with quarterback Tom Brady as a "real natural type of relationship," while adding Friday that he is settling in nicely in the move from Cleveland to the suburbs of Boston.

Gordon was acquired in a Sept. 17 trade and assigned a locker directly next to Brady's.

"Most of the day, we end up talking football, whether it be in the locker room here briefly or in most of the meeting rooms or time after practice. We carve out time, and we make it happen," Gordon said after practice, as the Patriots put the finishing touches on preparations for Sunday night's home game against the Kansas City Chiefs. "We make sure if there's something that might be a concern for him or me, or he wants to know how I like to do something, or I want to know how he wants to do something, I just ask and he's open about it. It makes it easy for me to communicate with him and makes it a real natural type of relationship."

Gordon has played 18 snaps apiece over the past two games and caught a 34-yard touchdown on Oct. 4 against the Indianapolis Colts, a play Brady said reflects the evolving trust between them.

"It hasn't been too tough," Gordon said of learning the playbook. "I think that's greatly due in part to the amount of help I receive from teammates here -- definitely Tom, all the receivers help bring me along on a daily basis, the coaches, just giving me all the resources I need and me taking advantage of it, going home and studying it daily.

"I think having a certain amount of experience in the league already and seeing so many different offenses and stuff, I think the language of it is somewhat familiar."

As for how he is managing off the field, Gordon credited Patriots character coach Jack Easterby for a "very hands-on" approach that has helped him acclimate to his new surroundings.

"It's been an awesome transition. I appreciate the love and support," Gordon said. "Foxborough is a real nice town, nice and quiet and peaceful. Me and my girlfriend are making it home. My family is here now. I consider the people in this community and around it, you know, family. They treat us nice everywhere we go. It's been a great experience."

Gordon also explained a recent tweet that he sent out to his followers.

"I just love reading inspirational quotes and sharing them with people," he said. "People send me stuff all the time to read, and I just like to spread the good knowledge, good health and goodwill."