Todd Haley says he's on 'same page' as Browns' coach Hue Jackson

BEREA, Ohio -- Todd Haley attributed coach Hue Jackson's comments about becoming more involved in the Cleveland Browns' offense to the emotions that come after a loss.

"That's what it sounded like," Haley, the offensive coordinator, said Thursday. "And we talked about it. This is an emotional game. It is not for everyone. Coaching in the NFL, especially being in that spot, it's not for everyone.

"It is a high pressure, high-stress job. We just got to keep doing what we know is right."

Jackson initially said he had to jump in to try to fix the offense, and said he would do it because he's "the head coach of the football team, period." He backed off those comments Monday, and said he made a point to explain himself to Haley on Monday.

Haley said preparation for Sunday's game in Pittsburgh has "been the same as it's always been" and "we're all on the same page.'' He said he's happy to take good ideas, no matter where they originate.

"I've a long time been in this league around a lot of personalities," he said. "One thing I'll never be is reactionary. I'm here for one purpose and that's to help this offense, continue to grow this offense, continue to develop this offense."

Haley said it was "all perception" when asked specifically about Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger saying Haley wouldn't like the comments from the Browns coach.

"I'm misunderstood a lot of time," Haley said. "I've learned to accept it."

Haley was hired by the Browns after the Steelers did not renew his contract. Haley, a Pittsburgh native whose father Richard worked for the Steelers, is in his 23rd season coaching in the NFL, but this will be his first trip to Heinz Field as a member of an opposing team.

"My first time coaching at Heinz Field was as part of their [Pittsburgh's] coaching staff," Haley said. "So this will be my first visit to Heinz Field as a visitor, and I grew up there. It's a neat thing to me."