Sean McVay: Rams could use some plays 'stolen' from Chiefs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Sean McVay is always looking for a new wrinkle to add to the Los Angeles Rams' offense.

This season, the Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) have provided plenty of content. So much, in fact, that the Chiefs might recognize a few plays Monday night when they play the Rams (9-1).

"I'd be lying if I said we have haven't stolen some of their stuff this year," McVay said Thursday. "They do a great job."

Asked whether he planned to use any of the Chiefs' plays against them, McVay said: "You'll have to wait and see."

McVay and his coaching staff regularly review film from across the league, but the Chiefs, who average 35.3 points per game, are a must-watch team.

"There's so much tape and with the ability to easily access it week in and week out, it would be silly for us not to be able to look and see what the heck they're doing," McVay said. "Every single week they do something and you say, 'That's pretty good.'"

Patrick Mahomes has passed for a league-high 31 touchdowns, with 7 interceptions, as Kareem Hunt ranks third in the league with 13 touchdowns and Tyreek Hill is averaging 89 receiving yards per game. The Chiefs average 423 yards per game.

But keep in mind, the Rams' offense is pretty good, too.

They're averaging 448 yards per game -- second in the NFL behind Tampa Bay -- and Jared Goff has passed for 22 touchdowns with 6 interceptions.

Todd Gurley is at the forefront of the MVP conversation and leads the league in rushing yards, averaging 98.8 per game, and touchdowns, with 17.

The Rams average 33.5 points per game.