Charlie Weis interested in returning to NFL as offensive coordinator

Charlie Weis, who has not coached in the NFL since he was the Chiefs' offensive coordinator in 2010, told ESPN this weekend that he is interested in becoming an offensive coordinator in the league again.

Weis said if the right situation came along, he would be interested. He said he has his wife's blessing, he has stayed in the game through jobs as a television analyst last year and Sirius Radio this past year, and he is up to date on the trends and players of the game.

Weis previously worked as an offensive coordinator in Kansas City, New England and with the Jets, in addition to being a college head coach at Notre Dame and Kansas.

With a torrent of change expected to sweep over NFL teams in the coming weeks, Weis, 62, could be an asset for any team looking for offensive help and is expected draw interest from NFL coaching staffs.