Sean McVay, Bill Belichick texted throughout season

Their teams will face each other in Super Bowl LIII, but Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay and New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick have developed a friendship throughout the 2018 season.

McVay told NBCSports.com that Belichick has texted him this season following each of the Rams' games after he and Belichick began talking at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis last year.

"I've gotten to know Bill -- we talked at the combine last year -- so that's been cool," McVay said. "He was really great in the conversation we had, really enlightening.

"This is wild: This season, he has basically texted me after every one of our games. After we beat Minnesota in September, he texted, 'Man, you guys are really explosive and impressive and fun to watch. Congratulations -- keep it rolling.' For him to even take the time to say congrats, it's pretty cool. That's one of the things I like about our business, our fraternity of coaches. As competitive as it is, guys find time to share when they can. I'm still young, still figuring it out. That stuff's been really helpful to me."

McVay, 33, is the youngest head coach in the NFL. Belichick, 66, was highly complimentary of McVay when he was asked about him by reporters last week.

"I have a ton of respect for Sean. I think he's done a great job in the two years he's been with the Rams. His teams have performed at an extremely high level. They're very consistent. They're well-coached. He has a great scheme. The players execute it on a consistent basis at a very high level," he said.

"He's got a great coaching staff. Offense, defense, special teams -- they're good in every area. Coach [John] Fassel, Coach [Wade] Phillips, a great staff. Coach [Jedd] Fisch I know is also an important part of that staff. The coaching, the playing, the consistency -- Coach McVay's done a tremendous job out there. He's got a great team. They'll be very hard to beat, but we're going to compete against them and do the best that we can to be ready to go a week from Sunday. I think he's done an outstanding job. I have a ton of respect for the way his team has played and how well they play and what he's accomplished out there, and in his entire career, but as a head coach in the last two years."