Steelers GM: More teams inquiring about Brown

Steelers GM: Brown trade will 'benefit us or it won't happen' (1:32)

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert says that they want a situation that benefits both Pittsburgh and Antonio Brown, but their main priority is the interest of the Steelers. (1:32)

INDIANAPOLIS -- The trade market for Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown has grown, general manager Kevin Colbert said Wednesday, as the team continued to publicly shop its star playmaker at the NFL scouting combine.

The Steelers haven't ruled out any teams, Colbert said, including their three AFC North rivals.

"Ideally you want to trade him to somebody that you'll never play," Colbert said. "But you can't do that. If you're good enough to get to the Super Bowl, you have to play him anyway.

"The less you would play him, the better. But if an [AFC North] team comes through with the best compensation, you have to balance that out. We're going to play him twice a year, but we're going to get the best compensation. ... You have to weigh that into the discussions. We haven't eliminated anybody."

Colbert wouldn't detail any discussions the team has had for Brown, but the GM said "interest has grown" since last week, when he said three teams were interested. Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht and San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan on Tuesday their teams have not been among those that expressed interest.

Colbert also insisted that the Steelers aren't locked into trading Brown, despite Brown's clear interest in moving on.

"We will only make a trade if it benefits the Pittsburgh Steelers," Colbert said. "He knows that. His representation knows that. That's been clearly explained, and we're willing to take a look. If there's something that can be done to benefit both sides, great. If not, then we'll deal with that when we get to it.

"Anything we do has to benefit us. If it doesn't, then it won't."