Hill's lawyer details abuse denial in letter to NFL

Graziano: Letter by Hill's lawyer gets out in front of investigation (1:13)

Dan Graziano discusses Tyreek Hill's lawyer denying accusations of abuse, which Graziano says represents an attempt to get ahead of an NFL investigation. (1:13)

The attorney for Tyreek Hill issued a detailed denial of child abuse allegations made against the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver in a recording that was released last week, while also accusing Hill's fiancée of abusing their 3-year-old son.

In a four-page letter sent to the NFL on Thursday, a copy of which was obtained by ESPN, attorney N. Trey Pettlon went through the key accusations made by Hill's fiancée, Crystal Espinal, in a recording she secretly made, which was broadcast April 25 by KCTV in Kansas City.

In the recording, Espinal says, "He kept saying, 'Daddy punches me,' which you do when he starts crying. What do you do? You make him open up his arms, and you punch him in the chest." Pettlon addresses that accusation, writing there have been times when Hill has tapped his son on the chest and told him to "man up, buddy" or "don't cry, my man" while denying grabbing his son's arms as part of physical discipline.

"He [Hill] categorically denies he has ever 'punched' his son in the chest or anywhere on his body, or otherwise touched him in the chest in a mean-spirited manner or as a form of discipline," Pettlon wrote.

Pettlon denied Hill played any role in breaking their son's arm. The attorney notes the boy was examined at the hospital and the injury was considered an accident.

Hill also denies Espinal's assertion that their son is "terrified" of him, with Pettlon adding that this was a claim he was hearing from Espinal for the first time. Pettlon addressed Hill's response from the audio, in which the wide receiver tells Espinal, "You need to be terrified of me, too, b----," and wrote that Hill's comment was "inexcusable."

The letter confirms the recording is of Hill and Espinal. Following the release of the audio, Hill was barred indefinitely from all team activities by the Chiefs.

Pettlon also cites text messages between Hill and Espinal, claiming Espinal admitted to leaving marks on their son while spanking him.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said Saturday that the team is conducting an internal investigation into the matter, and Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe, who declined to press charges a day before the audiotape surfaced, has reopened the case.

The team and the Johnson County District Attorney's office declined comment on Pettlon's letter Thursday when reached by ESPN.

Hill is willing to meet with NFL investigators, Pettlon said, and will cooperate with the investigation "to the extent that he can under the law."

ESPN's Adam Schefter and Adam Teicher contributed to this report.