QB Rodgers confirms 'Game of Thrones' cameo

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has long been a fan of the hit television show "Game of Thrones," and he confirmed in an Instagram post that he made a cameo appearance in Sunday night's episode.

His appearance in the HBO show's penultimate episode, the fifth episode of the eighth and final season, was one of the worst-kept secrets in television, and Rodgers was coy about what would happen in the episode.

"I have a bit of inside information about who is alive in one of the episodes, but I'll share that down the line," Rodgers said during a session with reporters on April 23.

Earlier that week, with rumors swirling about his possible cameo, he tweeted that "Episode 5 should be good."

Rodgers has been a fan of "Game of Thrones" from the beginning. He often spoke of the 24-hour rule as it pertained to the show, meaning that he didn't want anyone telling him about it for a full day after it aired because he couldn't always see it live.

He hinted last year in an interview on "The Dan Patrick Show" that a GOT appearance could be in the works.

"I can neither confirm nor deny that," he said at the time.

But when asked by Patrick what role Rodgers would like to play, Rodgers said: "I definitely want to be killed or in one of the steamy scenes for sure."

Rodgers even shot a promo for "Game of Thrones" last year. It was shot in the Lambeau Field Atrium and he introduced himself as "Lord Aaron of House Rodgers of Greenwater Bay, the true King in the North."