In full audio, Chiefs' Hill denies assaulting fiancee

A radio station has aired an audio recording of an argument between Tyreek Hill and his fiancee, Crystal Espinal, in which the Kansas City Chiefs star receiver denied committing assault and battery against Espinal -- a charge he pleaded guilty to in 2015.

Aired Tuesday by Kansas City station 610 KCSP, the audio is the complete recording of the argument that was already partially broadcast earlier this year by television station KCTV5.

During the argument, Espinal accused Hill of abusing the couple's 3-year-old son, who had suffered a broken arm. The boy's injury led to an investigation into possible child abuse, but Hill was not charged with a crime.

KCTV5 released most of the audio in April, but did not include a part of the argument that was aired Tuesday in which Hill accused Espinal of lying about the 2014 incident involving the couple.

A league source told ESPN's Dan Graziano that NFL investigators already were aware of the full recording, have heard it and are factoring it into their discussions on potential discipline for Hill.

Hill pleaded guilty in August 2015 to domestic assault and battery by strangulation after being arrested eight months earlier for allegedly punching and choking Espinal, who was pregnant at the time. During the 2015 guilty plea, Hill told a judge that "I did something I shouldn't have done" and that "I let my feelings take control of me."

But in the recording aired Tuesday by 610 KCSP, Hill told Espinal that he "didn't touch you in 2014."

"You f---ing ruined my life and you lied on me in 2014," Hill told Espinal. "I'm still not over that. I didn't touch you in 2014.

"You lied on me in 2014. If you want to rewind that night, we can rewind that night, too. You was in my house. And did I pick you up and slam you? Hell no. I picked you up and put you out my door and after that you left."

Espinal then asked Hill twice "where did the bruises come from," but Hill did not answer the question directly, responding on multiple occasions, "Did I hit you?"

Espinal also told Hill that "you had your hand around my neck," but Hill responded, "No, I did not."

The couple's argument then shifts to the alleged incident involving their son.

Hill, a three-time Pro Bowler, had an eight-hour meeting with NFL investigators on June 26 to discuss the case with his son and remains subject to a suspension under the league's personal conduct policy.

There is currently no criminal investigation, according to Johnson County District Attorney Stephen M. Howe, but Hill remains banned from the Chiefs' training facility amid an investigation by the Kansas Department of Children and Families into possible child abuse, battery or neglect.