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Peyton takes his son to the bust gallery at the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1:30)

Peyton Manning brings his son, Marshall, to the bust gallery at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. For more Peyton's Places, sign up here for ESPN+ https://plus.espn.com/. (1:30)

Peyton's Places, a football-themed documentary series hosted by legendary quarterback Peyton Manning that is part of the celebration of the NFL's 100th season, has debuted on ESPN+.

The 30-episode series revisits seminal moments in NFL history through conversations with former players, coaches and other key figures about football and its cultural impact.

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Episode 30: The final destination

The Super Bowl is the biggest stage in all of sports and Peyton's journey finds him visiting the individuals that have brought home championships to their cities, including Terry Bradshaw and the '72 Dolphins. To wrap up his historical tour, Peyton stops in Canton to spend time with the busts of the legends that have made the NFL what it is today. Watch now.

Episode 29: The Super Bowl

Peyton traces the history of the NFL's championship game and relives how Joe Namath made it Super. Watch now.

Episode 28: The art of the quarterback

Along his journey, Peyton has met up with some of the NFL's most iconic quarterbacks. Peyton discusses the intricacies of the position with some of the greatest to ever play the game, including Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Steve Young, Joe Namath and Dan Marino. Watch now.

Episode 27: Elvis Presley

Peyton is all shook up by Elvis Presley's fascination with football and finds himself channeling his inner Elvis when he visits Graceland to run the King's touch football playbook. Watch now.

Episode 26: Tom Brady

Peyton meets up with his greatest rival, Tom Brady, to hit golf balls off Jim Nantz's home and reminisce about their epic battles. Watch now.

Episode 25: Peyton's favorite players

Peyton takes a trip down memory lane to seek out his three favorite players: Archie and Eli Manning, and his childhood hero, Dan Marino. Watch now.

Episode 24: The Immaculate Reception

After almost half a century, Peyton tries to solve the mystery of what really happened during "The Immaculate Reception". With the help of Franco Harris, Frenchy Fuqua, Terry Bradshaw and Phil Villapiano, Peyton re-enacts the play known as the NFL's Zapruder Film. Watch now.

Episode 23: The evolution of coaching

Peyton discovers how a missed boat in 1915 led to something new in football - a coach who calls the plays and dictates strategy. On his journey, Peyton spends time with Mike Ditka, Tony Dungy, Dan Fouts and Joe Montana to discuss the greatest coaches in NFL history. Watch now.

Episode 22: In Lombardi's footsteps

Vince Lombardi is one of the most iconic names in NFL history. Peyton explores the places that define Lombardi's legacy, including a stop at Yankee Stadium with Bill Cowher and a trip to Lombardi's old home, via Bart Starr's Super Bowl MVP car, with Brett Favre. Watch now.

Episode 21: Are you ready for some football?

Peyton meets up with Al Michaels to narrate halftime highlights Howard Cosell-style, and learns how Monday Night Football brought the NFL to primetime. Peyton's journey also includes a stop in Baltimore to meet Brian Billick who starred in the first season of HBO's Hard Knocks, which kicked off reality sports TV. Watch now.

Episode 20: A lot to be thankful for

In the Manning household, football is a priority, which means Thanksgivings were spent on the gridiron. Even though the family was often apart, Archie, Cooper, Eli and Peyton are thankful for their bond over football. When the four Manning men recently met up, they took a trip down memory lane and dove into the archive of Archie's home movies. Watch now.

Episode 19: Two Presidents and a girl named Heidi

Every Sunday, millions tune in to watch the NFL from the comfort of their own home or the bar down the street. Peyton visits with Anthony Gonzalez, Joe Namath and Ben Stein to learn it took President John F. Kennedy's signature, a movie about an 8-year-old orphan who is sent to the Swiss Alps to live with her grandfather, and President Richard Nixon's political muscle to bring NFL games to your living room. Watch now.

Episode 18: Fantastic finishes

In the NFL, it's not how you start, but how you finish. Peyton relives some of the most dramatic endings in NFL history with Roger Staubach, Eli Manning, Joe Montana and Dave Robinson. Watch now.

Episode 17: From small towns to big cities

Peyton retraces the NFL's transformation from small-town teams to a league that represents America's big cities. Through tailgating at the Astrodome with Dan Pastorini, Mike Renfro and Elvin Bethea, and meeting Thunder, the Broncos' team horse, Peyton learns how stadiums and mascots helped shape each NFL team's identity. Watch now.

Episode 16: The death of the fullback

Once the NFL's premiere position, the fullback has mysteriously vanished. Peyton is on the case and seeks out Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, and Daryl "Moose" Johnston to get some answers. During the course of his investigation, Peyton tries to pin the blame on Jerome Bettis. Watch now.

Episode 15: Two-way players

In the modern-day NFL, no player is on the field for all sixty minutes, but years ago it was common to play both offense and defense. To experience being a two-way player, Peyton meets up with Deion Sanders and learns to play both sides of the ball. Watch now.

Episode 14: Brett Favre

Peyton visits Green Bay to meet up with the NFL's ultimate gunslinger. Favre tells Manning that he had no idea what a nickel defense was and once it was explained to him, he couldn't understand the big deal about it. Watch now.

Episode 13: 'Foot'ball

In the NFL, kickers are often the difference between victory and defeat. To understand more about the only players that touch the ball with their feet, Peyton learns to kick from Mark Moseley, makes a barefoot FG with help from Rich Karlis and meets up with Adam Vinatieri, the most respected kicker in the NFL. Watch now.

Episode 12: The Birth of the Ball

Over 100 seasons, the football has evolved from the original watermelon ball to the model that is used today. Peyton meets up with former teammate Brandon Stokely to trace the history of the football, and later ventures inside the factory to make the perfect pigskin. Watch now.

Episode 11: Unbreakable Records

Brett Favre, Eric Dickerson and Emmitt Smith have achieved milestones that no player is likely to equal. While discussing whether their marks will stand the test of time, Peyton visits Smith's memorabilia storage unit, dons Dickerson's goggles and shares cheese curds with Favre. Watch now.

Episode 10: The Gamewreckers

On his quest to learn more about the other side of the ball, Peyton meets up with J.J. Watt, one of the game's most fearsome defenders, gets slugged by a baseball bat and gets in the ring with George Foreman to explain how dealing with pass rushers is similar to being in a heavyweight brawl. Watch now.

Episode 9: The Lombardi Trophy

Every NFL team covets the Lombardi trophy, named after one of the most legendary icons in NFL history. Peyton and Eli Manning go on a journey to discover the history behind the trophy and attempt to recreate the original prototype. Watch now.

Episode 8: Da Bears

George Wendt and Robert Smigel, the portrayers of Bill Swerski's Superfans, the popular SNL characters, turn Peyton into a born again Chicagoan as a fan of Da Bears. Watch now.

Episode 7: The origins of fantasy football

Peyton meets up with Matthew Berry in the lobby of the New York hotel where fantasy football was born and reveals the role of the Raiders in the game's creation.Watch now.

Episode 6: Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis shares his film strategy with Peyton Manning, saying he was watching Manning's every move, and more. Watch now.

Episode 5: The Evolution of the Wide Receiver

Raymond Berry, Antonio Brown and Jerry Rice explain the evolution of the wide receiver. Watch now.

Episode 1: The Hupmobile

Peyton joins comedian Jay Leno for a ride in a Hupmobile to commemorate how the classic car helped in the creation of the NFL. Then he gets the inside scoop on Joe Namath's legendary guarantee ahead of Super Bowl III, with an assist from Broadway Joe himself. Watch now.

Episode 2: History of the QB

Peyton visits with Joe Montana and walks through the history of the league's most important position. Watch now.

Episode 3: The Greatest Catch

Peyton meets Cris Carter in midtown Manhattan to recreate a famous PR stunt the New York Football Giants pulled off in the 1920s -- by throwing a football off a skyscraper. Watch now.

Episode 4: The Draft

Peyton and Mel Kiper Jr. review Kiper's library of draft guides, exploring how the ESPN NFL draft guru helped turn a "boring" business meeting into great television. Watch now.