Steelers fan tattoos JuJu autograph atop head

PITTSBURGH -- JuJu Smith-Schuster is leaving his mark on Pittsburgh Steelers training camp.

The star receiver signed a fan's head during Friday's first day of practice at Saint Vincent College, and he later told reporters he would provide game tickets to the fan if he tattooed the signature.

Now he must pay up.

Smith-Schuster, one of the most popular Steelers thanks to his Pro Bowl play and big personality, had multiple encounters with fans, including participating in a gender reveal and signing "this dude's head."

"He had the Steelers logo like tattooed in his head, so he had a mohawk," Smith-Schuster recalled. "And he was like, Can you sign my helmet?', I'm like, 'What helmet? What are you talking about?' I signed his head, like his actual head. Sharpie, all that. I don't think he's gonna shower for the next week."

Asked if the fan might tattoo the signature, Smith-Schuster said, "He might, honestly. If he does, that's lit. If he gets that tattooed on his head, I'll get him any tickets to any game so if he's out there watching this ... yes."

Smith-Schuster, the Steelers' No. 1 receiver after the departure of Antonio Brown, has been visible with fans but slipped behind the media on reporting day instead of making a grand entrance. Smith-Schuster, 22, said he did this because "I came to work," not to be seen. And he has worked his way to three goal-line touchdowns over the first three days of practices.