Faulk training Zeke to get RB into game shape

Keyshawn: Zeke needs to report by Wednesday of Week 1 (0:54)

Keyshawn Johnson discusses when Ezekiel Elliott would need to report by to play in Week 1 and how training under Marshall Faulk can only do so much. (0:54)

Ezekiel Elliott is still holding out, but that hasn't stopped him from working out.

The Dallas Cowboys running back is working with Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk in Cabo San Lucas so he can be ready to play when his contract issue is resolved.

"His fitness is great, but playing in games is different," Faulk told ESPN in a text message. "My job is to close that gap with putting him in active game situations. The only thing we can't simulate is the contact."

Elliott and Faulk are both represented by agent Rocky Arceneaux.

Elliott has won the NFL rushing title and the Cowboys have been division champions in every season in which Elliott has played more than 10 games. But the number of games Elliott plays this season remains in doubt.

Asked whether he believed Elliott is willing to miss games over his insistence on becoming the highest-paid running back in the NFL, Faulk countered with a question of his own.

"The question is," Faulk said, "are the Cowboys willing to have him miss games because they don't believe he should be the highest-paid RB?"

The Cowboys have made an offer to Elliott that ranks between the $13.125 million average salary the New York Jets have given Le'Veon Bell and the $14.375 million average salary the Los Angeles Rams are paying Todd Gurley.