Capt. Andrew Luck bids farewell on Twitter

The legend of Captain Andrew Luck (4:18)

In 2018 Chris Connelly explored the sports parody Twitter account for Captain Andrew Luck with the person who created it and Andrew Luck himself. (4:18)

Much like his NFL counterpart, Capt. Andrew Luck has said farewell.

In a letter posted to SI.com on Wednesday, the Twitter parody account wrote an open address to the Indianapolis Colts, saying, "life on the family farm is just as I remembered," and reminiscing on his days with his fellow soldiers.

"Oh, the times we had out on our campaigns through the years. I feel as though I was just a youth who hardly had two neckbeard whiskers to rub together when I first unholstered my sidearm," the letter reads in part. "How we have all grown one hard-fought battle after another. From that frozen tundra to face the Horned Barbarians (I recall sleeping in a deer carcass to keep warm) to combating those painted Pirate Ruffians in their land without light. Then there were the Steel Men, who battled in a Pitt. And who could forget the orange Horsemen? Good thing we packed extra air since their land had so little."

Though it was called a farewell, it was not stated whether the account, which has more than 540,000 followers, will continue.

The Luck parody account was started in December 2015, with the writer developing the character off the now-retired quarterback's resemblance to a 19th-century soldier. The tweets linked upcoming Colts games and relevant news from the perspective of a Civil War battlefield as letters to his mother back home.

Luck announced his retirement Saturday, saying the challenge of rehabbing numerous injuries over the years had taken away his passion for football.

The Capt. Luck account has tweeted one other time, on Sunday morning, since Luck's announcement.