Irsay after reported offer: Colts not for sale

INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts owner Jim Irsay went to Twitter on Thursday to say the team is not for sale.

Irsay tweeted, "By the way, the Indianapolis Colts are not for sale," following a report from the Indianapolis Star that he was offered $3.2 billion for the team. The Star did not report who made the offer for the Colts.

The reported $3.2 billion offer was $1 billion more than what Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper paid to acquire the team from Jerry Richardson in 2018.

Irsay, 60, who has had ties to the team since 1972, became sole owner of the Colts in 1997. The Colts are valued at $2.64 billion, which is an 11 percent increase from last year and ranks 20th in the NFL, according to an article released by Forbes on Wednesday. The Colts have made two Super Bowl appearances and have had only five losing seasons under Irsay.

The Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots are the top two valued teams in the NFL at $5.5 billion and $4.1 billion, respectively.