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Ramsey: 'Everything's cool' with Hill after injury

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey said he reached out to Kansas City receiver Tyreek Hill to check on him after Hill suffered an injury when Ramsey tackled him during last Sunday's game.

Ramsey said he and Hill had a conversation and that "everything's cool" between the two.

Hill suffered a sternoclavicular joint injury that will sideline him this week and possibly longer. Hill was hurt when Ramsey tackled him near the sideline after a reception late in the first quarter of the Chiefs' 40-26 victory.

Ramsey also said he wanted to make sure people knew that he did not intentionally bump into the injured Hill after the play. Ramsey said he's seen several slow-motion replays that appeared to show that, but said the contact with Hill came after he'd bumped into and bounced off Chiefs lineman Cam Erving on the sideline.

"I saw the clip later on and they were like slowing it down and zooming in on what happened after the tackle, but if you just look at it in real time there was no foul play in that at all," Ramsey said. "You can clearly tell what was going on. Like I pushed Cam Erving, one of my teammates from college. He was, you know, trying to step in front of me. And that's just what happened.

"I just bumped [Hill] incidentally from pushing Cam. Cam's like 270 or something. I really moved more than he did. But that was all that happened. No foul play in that. Of course I'm going to talk my smack and do whatever, but there was no foul play."

Ramsey wasn't penalized on the play, which came on the Chiefs' first possession after Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles suffered a broken clavicle when he was driven into the ground by Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones. Hill had two catches for 16 yards before leaving the game.

"I feel bad for anybody who gets injured," Ramsey said. "Every game, most people don't know this, but every game before the game I pray and I pray for safety and health. Of course we go out there and we do, in a sense, try to hurt each other, gain an advantage, but we don't want anybody to have serious injuries ever."

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