Fines piling up for Redskins holdout LT Williams

Washington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams' contract holdout, which could end as early as this week, already has cost him millions of dollars.

By skipping training camp and the first two weeks of the season, Williams now owes the Redskins $743,000 of pro-ration from his signing bonus. Williams also likely has accrued $1.2 million in fines -- $40,000 a day for 30 days of missed training camp.

The Redskins refused to comment, but league sources told ESPN that Washington will not forgive the fines and will not give Williams a new deal.

Williams, therefore, finds himself in a challenging position. He also has a $150,000 workout de-escalator that kicked in and lowered his base salary from $11 million to $10.85 million. And, if that wasn't enough, Williams failed to cash in on $653,941 of salary by staying away from the Redskins.

As of now, Williams owes the Redskins almost $1.9 million in fines and signing-bonus pro-ration, and he has cost himself the opportunity to earn close to another $1 million.