OBJ, Ravens' Humphrey both fined for altercation

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey each were fined $14,037 for unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

Beckham and Humphrey tangled last Sunday, which escalated with Humphrey pinning Beckham to the ground. Browns coach Freddie Kitchens argued that Humphrey choked Beckham and deserved to be ejected; Humphrey contended that Beckham should've been ejected for throwing punches.

Beckham said on Friday that, given the heat of the moment, he couldn't tell if Humphrey was choking him. But he did say he had to restrain himself from escalating the incident further.

"I've come a long way," said Beckham, who was suspended four years ago for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Josh Norman. "I probably would've been suspended for the next game if I would've done what I wanted to do -- or more, knowing how I get treated. It was just something I had to [do] for my teammates and not hurt them even more than the 15-yard penalty.

"This is football, not MMA, not Street Fighter."

Beckham said on Friday he plans to appeal the fine.

Earlier this week, the Ravens went to the extent of posting a story and slow-motion video on their website arguing that Humphrey didn't choke Beckham.

"We're playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. That's my stance on it," Humphrey said Wednesday when asked if he choked Beckham.

The Browns and Ravens meet again Dec. 22 in Cleveland.