Sources: Jaguars firm in Jalen Ramsey no-trade stance despite multiple offers

Schefter: Ramsey and Jags in a stare-down (0:42)

Adam Schefter doesn't expect Jalen Ramsey's back injury to get better anytime soon, and he sees a stare-down between Ramsey and the Jaguars. (0:42)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are so entrenched in their non-trade stance with Jalen Ramsey that one source said they wouldn't trade their Pro Bowl cornerback at this time "for five first-round picks."

The Jaguars have received offers of two first-round picks for Ramsey, but the teams making those offers also wanted a second-round pick back in return along with Ramsey, according to sources.

So far, the Jaguars have refused to budge, and they continue to insist they will not, according to sources. This stance is driven, most of all, by team owner Shad Khan, who does not want a player dictating to him how to operate the franchise, according to sources. Thus the standoff continues.

If the Jaguars were willing to deal Ramsey, money would not be an issue, according to league sources. Ramsey would be willing to play for other teams around the league without getting a contract extension, which is why some believe that Ramsey's issues with Jacksonville truly are not financially driven, sources said.

But there are other holdups to a deal aside from Jacksonville's stance. Even if the Jaguars were willing to deal Ramsey at this time, some sources say they have questions about whether he could even pass a physical because of a back injury that is keeping him out for a second straight game Sunday and will require further consultation.

Ramsey recently said he has dealt with back issues throughout his career and that they were severe enough that he was unable to practice for weeks. It wasn't until the past two weeks, however, that his back put his playing status in doubt.

Ramsey spoke about his back problem on the latest episode of The Uninterrupted's "17 Weeks" podcast. He has not practiced or played since the Jaguars' Sept. 19 victory over Tennessee.

ESPN's Michael DiRocco contributed to this report.