Source: Mike Tomlin to Redskins 'far-fetched'; Browns' GM denies OBJ trade rumor

Stephen A. wants Tomlin to get control of the Redskins (2:02)

Stephen A. Smith would love to see Mike Tomlin get a Jon Gruden-type deal and have complete control of football operations for the Redskins. (2:02)

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has been connected to the Washington Redskins' head-coaching job, and the Cleveland Browns were rumored to be shopping wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. this past week.

Sources said you can file both of those under the not-going-to-happen category.

Tomlin has two years remaining on his contract after this season, and for him to wind up in Washington, the Redskins would have to blow away the Steelers with an offer, and reward Tomlin with a deal so great he could not turn it down.

"Neither of which is going to happen," one source close to the situation told ESPN.

"I don't see Mike going to Washington," the source continued. "That is so far-fetched. It's so far out there. It would have to be a deal that the league never has seen before and would change the way business is done in football, and I don't see that happening."

Then there was a report that surfaced this past week that the Browns were listening to offers for Beckham, to which Browns general manager John Dorsey told ESPN: "That's fake news."

Dorsey told ESPN he has not taken any trade calls on Beckham, is not interested in taking any calls and hasn't even thought about trading him before the Oct. 29 deadline.