Titans OT Taylor Lewan falls on sword in postgame rant despite win

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Taylor Lewan was penalized three times, costing the Tennessee Titans 24 yards on Sunday. Lewan's rough game was lost in an improbable, come-from-behind 35-32 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

He was happy about the win. But after the game, the veteran offensive tackle was critical of his performance during a postgame rant in the locker room.

"Before we even start this whole thing, my penalties are a f---ing problem," Lewan said. "I am 100 percent an issue with that. It is not intentional. I do not mean to do it. My intentions are good. I am just trying to finish. And it is killing the team. ... I am completely screwing the team with the amount of penalties I have had these last -- what -- six games.

"... It's horrible. I cannot get penalties. I am sorry. There is no need to ask me about it because I know I am an absolute liability when it comes to penalties."

All three of Lewan's penalties came in the second half. He was flagged for unnecessary roughness and holding on back-to-back plays. The penalties put the Titans in a third-and-13 that led to a punt.

The Chiefs scored a touchdown on their next drive. Lewan's other penalty came in the fourth quarter with just over three minutes left in the game. The false start turned a third-and-5 into third-and-10. Ryan Tannehill was sacked on the next play.

Although he has played in only six games, Lewan's team-high nine penalties have resulted in more lost yards (69) than by any other player on the Titans.

"I take full responsibility for this. I will work on it. I might even go practice not doing penalties in this bye week," Lewan said. "I will do my absolute best to work on it. I won't even hold my wife's hand this whole entire bye week because I don't want to get called for holding. These damn penalties are absolutely kicking me in the ass."