Volunteers rescuing unused Super Bowl LIV food for five shelters in South Florida

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- More than 30,000 pounds of food went unused at Hard Rock Stadium during Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, but it isn't going to waste.

Starting Monday morning and continuing through Thursday, volunteers with Food Rescue US are partnering with Centerplate and NFL Green to rescue that food, pack it up and ship it from Hard Rock Stadium to five local area shelters in need.

Days after the Super Bowl, tens of thousands of people will be fed high-quality food that went unpurchased and untouched on Super Bowl Sunday.

The food collected includes beef tenderloins, barbecue chicken, wings, ribs and charcuterie plates from VIP catered sections, concession stands and suites, among other places.

Food Rescue US Miami director Ellen Bowen said more than 10,000 pounds of food was rescued and sent off from Hard Rock Stadium. Volunteers resumed work Tuesday at 9 a.m. and will work until around 6 p.m. on three volunteer shifts. They anticipate rescuing at least another 10,000 pounds Tuesday and shipping that off to their shelter partners.

Bowen said they expect to have rescued 25,000 to 30,000 pounds of food by the end of the week. Per USADA listings, she said that should feed 20,000 people.

NFL Green often does sustainable projects at the Super Bowl, including collecting some nonperishable goods, but Bowen said this is the first major food recovery at the Super Bowl.

"It's a full volunteer job for everyone. We just want to help people in need," Bowen said. "It's amazing to see how much food there is that otherwise would have been thrown in the trash that can now feed so many people."

The social service agency partners that will receive the food are Miami Rescue Mission, Broward Outreach Center, Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Lotus House Shelter and Camillus House.