Highlights from the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade

Mahomes catches, chugs and spikes a beer (0:16)

Patrick Mahomes one-hands a beer from the crowd, guzzles it down, then slams it to the ground. (0:16)

To paraphrase Travis Kelce and the Beastie Boys, the Kansas City Chiefs earned their right to party on Wednesday, when the team and their fans celebrated at their first Super Bowl victory parade in 50 years.

And despite temperatures in the 20s, the fans, players, coaches, staff and their families appeared to fully enjoy it.

Some of the highlights.

Police chase

Things started out somewhat ominously with a police chase on the parade route.


Car chase takes over Chiefs' parade route

The police swarm two suspects after a car chase along the Chiefs' Super Bowl parade route.


Parade route

At Union Station


Fired-up Kelce gives epic celebration speech

Travis Kelce thrills the Kansas City faithful with an intense speech at the Chiefs' Super Bowl parade.