Jerry Jones' yacht to Mike Vrabel's house: Best of 2020 NFL draft in-home setups

An exclusive look at Roger Goodell's basement draft setup (2:08)

Roger Goodell gives a firsthand look at his basement, where he will be announcing picks for the NFL draft. (2:08)

Working from home has become the new norm for many. The days can be filled with so many Zoom calls that "Can everyone mute?" has replaced "per my last email." Comfort attire (read: sweatpants) is the new business casual. So much so that seeing ESPN analysts decked out in suits was admittedly slightly more jarring than seeing Bill Belichick drafting alone in his house.

But nevertheless, what happened Thursday night was unprecedented. The first round of the 2020 NFL draft gave viewers a rare glimpse into the homes of draftees and front-office executives alike. It felt intimate because it was. While each franchise brought forth its own flavor (shoutout to Andy Reid rocking his staple Hawaiian shirt), some setups stood out more than others. From Jerry Jones' super-yacht to whatever the heck was going on at Mike Vrabel's house, here are some of our favorite at-home war rooms:

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Jerry Jones -- Dallas Cowboys

Did you expect anything less from the man who brought us Jerry's World? We think not. Jerry Jones, the unofficial king of virtual drafting.

Bill Belichick -- New England Patriots

This draft setup checks out. Simple, efficient. No frills or fuss. If this photo could speak, it would say "Do your job." Ideally, Belichick's sweatshirt sleeves would be cut off, but we digress.

Kliff Kingsbury -- Arizona Cardinals

The war room that launched a thousand tweets. Kingsbury's draft digs were luxe, to say the least. J.J. Watt drew a Gordon Bombay/"Mighty Ducks" parallel, and now we can't unsee it.

Andy Reid -- Kansas City Chiefs

The man, the myth, the legend. Big Red kept it simple with what appears to be some sort of beverage in a Chiefs cup (company guy) and his signature Hawaiian shirt. There also appears to be a piece of workout equipment behind him? Unclear.

Mike Vrabel -- Tennessee Titans

Speaking of unclear, what in the actual world was going down at Vrabel's house? There's a guy in a spandex suit? And another guy? These are presumably his kids, but we still have questions.

Doug Marrone -- Jacksonville Jaguars

A setup we can all get behind. Marrone recognized that it's bigger than football by showing love for health care heroes, so the Jags win.