Baltimore Ravens sign Kennesaw State FB Bronson Rechsteiner

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- The Baltimore Ravens are expected to sign more than 20 undrafted rookies over the next couple of weeks, a list that will include linebackers, tight ends and someone whose father was known for delivering the "Diving Bulldog."

Kennesaw State fullback Bronson Rechsteiner, the son of pro wrestling champion Rick Steiner, has reached an agreement with the Ravens, according to the school. In the Owls' option offense, Rechsteiner led the team with 909 yards rushing last season, averaging 8 yards per carry.

Rechsteiner certainly has his father's strength. At Kennesaw State's pro day in early March, Rechsteiner recorded 35 reps on the bench press, which would have been the third-best at the NFL combine. Steiner was a tag team champion in the WCW and WWF in the 1980s and early 1990s and was known as the "Dog Faced Gremlin."

It will be a challenge for Rechsteiner to make the Ravens, who have a Pro Bowl fullback, Patrick Ricard. If Rechsteiner doesn't make it in the NFL, he has talked about pursuing a pro wrestling career.

Rechsteiner isn't the only undrafted rookie with a well-known father. The Ravens are also signing Tennessee safety Nigel Warrior as an undrafted free agent, according to AL.com. Warrior's father is four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Dale Carter, whose NFL career ended in 2005 with the Ravens.