Saints WR Austin Carr's wife OK after testing positive for coronavirus before giving birth

METAIRIE, La. -- New Orleans Saints receiver Austin Carr's wife, Erica, tested positive for the coronavirus before giving birth to their first child, Clive, last month.

Carr and his newborn son both tested negative. But Carr said he believes he had COVID-19, since he had experienced symptoms about two weeks before the birth and later tested positive for coronavirus antibodies. Everyone is healthy now, according to Carr, who spoke to reporters Friday after re-signing a one-year deal with the Saints.

"So all in all, we feel blessed and thankful for the health care and all the workers who were looking out for us (at Ochsner Health). We're grateful for healthy mom, healthy baby," said Carr, who admitted "it wasn't the birth process that we expected."

Carr said Erica took a coronavirus test when she checked in at the hospital and got her positive result about an hour later. After that, medical workers took extra precautions -- including less frequent visits from medical personnel and extra shielding and face masks during the procedure.

"That sort of launched them into their COVID-19 protocol with a patient. And they were amazing," Carr said. "They were doing everything they could to make sure we were taken care of, while also taking care of themselves."

Carr shared a picture of his wife and son on Instagram while sending a heartfelt message to her.

"I knew seeing you give birth would change us both, but I'm so much more in awe of your resolve and joyful endurance now than ever before," Carr wrote.