Ravens elusive about number of designed runs for Lamar Jackson this season

Should Ravens call fewer running plays for Lamar Jackson? (2:05)

Marcus Spears and Jeff Saturday disagree on how Baltimore should handle Lamar Jackson and the number of designed runs in the team's offense. (2:05)

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- When it comes to discussing how many times Lamar Jackson will run the ball this season, the Baltimore Ravens become as elusive as the reigning NFL MVP in the open field.

Jackson ran for 1,206 yards last season, setting the NFL single-season record for most rushing yards by a quarterback. His designed runs in his first two NFL seasons -- 130 in 2018 and 135 in 2019 -- are the two highest totals by any quarterback in a season since ESPN Stats & Information began tracking the stat in 2006.

Will the Ravens have fewer designed runs for Jackson this season?

"I think we'll all have to wait and find out," Baltimore offensive coordinator Greg Roman said Monday with a smile.

As Jackson develops as a passer, the expectation is he'll run the ball fewer times. Last offseason, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and Jackson himself both said he would run the ball less in 2019. But Jackson's 176 rush attempts not only set a mark for quarterbacks but ranked 23rd among all players last season.

"Obviously, Lamar's skill set and dynamic athletic ability -- that's something we can have available every week and do a little bit more of it this week and a little bit less of it the next week," Roman said. "I think that's always on the table, those type of things. I think it's also an in-game feel for how the game is going and how the defense is playing. I think we're at the point now where we have a pretty good menu when we go into a game. We can see how the game is going and understand that things are going to change in the course of a game. I think it's something we can definitely hang our hat on at times and other times we won't."

In Jackson's two NFL seasons, his 265 designed runs are 159 more than any other quarterback's. Bills quarterback Josh Allen is second with 106.

At 60-to-1, Jackson has the same odds to lead the NFL in rushing as he does to top the league in passing, according to Caesars Sportsbook. Jackson has better odds to win the NFL rushing title than James Conner, Melvin Gordon and Adrian Peterson, all of whom are 75-1.

Jackson dealt with a groin injury, which sidelined him for a couple of practices in training camp and limited him from running when he returned. But during Saturday's scrimmage, Jackson didn't show any signs of being injured, taking off for a couple of runs.

Before camp started this year, Jackson said he's focused on winning and not the number of times he'll be running. "We've got great running backs ... I feel like we're going to be pretty good with the rushing part," Jackson said. "But if I have to, if the play breaks down and no one is open, then I'll do my thing."