NFL's latest round of coronavirus testing shows four players, six personnel test positive

A total of 10 NFL players and other team personnel tested positive for the coronavirus during the league's latest testing period of Aug. 21-29, the NFL and NFL Players Association announced Tuesday.

According to the data, four of the positive tests came from players and the other six came from non-player personnel. The numbers, which do not include results later deemed to be false-positives, were more good news for the league's testing protocols despite a slight uptick from the previous testing period.

From Aug. 12 to Aug. 20, no players and six team personnel tested positive.

According to the data, a total of 8,739 players and personnel were given 58,621 tests during the Aug. 21-29 time period. That included 23,279 tests to 2,747 players and 35,342 to 5,992 personnel.

The NFL and NFLPA are finalizing negotiations for a regular-season COVID-19 testing strategy. Daily testing will continue through at least Sept. 5.