Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott, Atlanta Falcons' Hayden Hurst to team up for suicide prevention

FRISCO, Texas -- Starting next offseason, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and Atlanta Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst plan to work together in suicide prevention.

Hurst approached Prescott after the Cowboys' 40-39 win Sunday in a moment that was caught on camera.

Hurst has been open about attempting suicide and dealing with anxiety and depression. Prescott's brother, Jace, died by suicide in April, and the quarterback discussed his feelings of depression during the early parts of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Such a moment. Obviously excited after a big win like that but for him to just come over there, us embrace that moment," Prescott said of the discussion with Hurst. "He was telling me about what him and his mom are doing with their foundation. I'm excited to work with him. We've talked since. Excited in the offseason for us to get something going. Our teams have already started making steps to do that while we're in the midst of the season."

After the game, Hurst embraced Prescott and said, "Hey, I've got a lot of respect for what you did, came out and talked about. Me and my mom have a foundation about suicide prevention. Respect the hell out of you for talking about it, man."

Prescott said a couple of Los Angeles Rams approached him after the Week 1 game regarding his comments, so he wasn't surprised that another player came up to him.

"I mean, obviously that's something that's near and dear to his heart. That means a lot to him. So a couple of players did it last week. So I think it just depends on that player, what it means to them, what they've been through personally," Prescott said. "And I'm proud of Hayden for where he's come from, the things that he's been through, thankful obviously for that moment as well."

Hurst established the Hayden Hurst Foundation with his mother, Cathy, to raise awareness of mental health issues in children and adolescents by funding mental health services and programs through donations and fundraising events. Prescott's Faith Fight Finish foundation is focused on the fight against cancer, after the quarterback's mother, Peggy, died from colon cancer, but it also invests in the future of youths fighting through adversity.

On Wednesday, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers talked about Prescott, saying he was impressed by his ability to open up about his mental health.

"I applaud him. I think it's phenomenal, speaking out, because that's true courage and that's true strength," Rodgers said. "It's not a weakness at all."

Prescott said he had seen the comments.

"I appreciate those, and I respect Aaron. Respect Aaron as much as probably any other quarterback we have in this league. Obviously his game, but for him to just come out say what he said and loved what he said about people's personal things don't affect any of us, how we feel about ourselves. I think that's huge. It's about what you, with self talks and the stuff you see in your own mind. I thank Aaron for having my support and coming out and speaking as he did."

ESPN's Vaughn McClure contributed to this report.