Seattle Seahawks' DK Metcalf runs down Arizona Cardinals' Budda Baker, prevents pick-six

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker made Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson pay for floating a pass intended for running back Chris Carson -- but Seattle wide receiver DK Metcalf saved the day.

Baker snagged the pass out of midair while in midjump at the Arizona 2-yard line and took off along the sideline with Wilson in pursuit. But also pursuing Baker the entire time was Metcalf, who passed Wilson in a dead sprint at the Seattle 40 after being 10.89 yards away from Baker at the time of the pick. Metcalf was able to bring down Baker at the 8-yard-line, preventing a touchdown in more ways than one.

It was Baker's second interception in two games -- and the second of his career.

Baker was fast in his sprint toward the goal line, topping out at 21.27 mph, but Metcalf was faster, hitting a top speed of 22.64 mph -- the second-fastest in pursuit in the NFL this season, according to NFL NextGenStats. Metcalf was at the Seattle 47 when he hit his top speed -- while Baker was at 20.5 mph -- and was still 3.76 yards behind Baker.

Metcalf covered 108.76 yards to make the tackle.

The Cardinals couldn't get in the end zone despite starting their next possession at the Seattle 8. They got down to the 2 but got pushed back to the 3, and then coach Kliff Kingsbury called for a fourth-down play instead of taking the field goal. The play was blown up by the Seahawks and quarterback Kyler Murray had to throw it away.