NFL Week 9 arrivals: Best entrances, outfits, cleats and more

Week 9 of the 2020 NFL season has arrived, the midpoint of the season in spirit if not precise mathematical reality. The big matchup of the early slate features a pair of 5-2 clubs squaring off, as the Indianapolis Colts host the Baltimore Ravens. Plus, we have two critical interconference clashes, as the Buffalo Bills host the Seattle Seahawks, and the Tennessee Titans welcome the Chicago Bears to Nashville.

While the action on the field will surely be captivating, we're here to highlight the best of what the players have to offer from a sartorial standpoint.

For more on the matchups today, look no further: Our NFL Nation reporters bring us the keys to every game, a bold prediction for each contest and final score picks. Check out ESPN's NFL Week 9 game guide.

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Best "Chappelle Show" homage

It was a big weekend for comedian Dave Chappelle, as he returned to host "Saturday Night Live," and one of his most memorable bits -- an impersonation of music legend Rick James -- was celebrated in pregame cleat form by Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs:

Best Kobe Bryant homage

Sunday will be the first game in a Ravens uniform for veteran wideout Dez Bryant, and he arrived for game day in Indy wearing the jersey of another Bryant:

Best video of the weekend for Panthers fans, and one fantasy manager in every league

We'd all heard that Christian McCaffrey was poised to return to action on Sunday, but hearing about it is different from seeing him strolling in on Sunday. The wait is finally over:

Best back-to-basics look

Hey, when you're as good as Patrick Mahomes, sometimes you can look good wearing something like this:

Best self-referencing jewelry

Julio Jones -- aka Jet -- leaves no mistake on his identity before the Falcons' matchup with the Broncos:

Best of the rest