NFL tells teams no in-person meetings for 2 days following a game because of COVID-19

The NFL will prohibit in-person meetings at team facilities for two days after game days, according to a memo distributed Thursday night to all clubs.

The memo also lifted a previous restriction that capped the number of players who could attend or travel to a game at 62.

The new prohibition on meetings comes after the NFL closed 28 of 32 team facilities for two days this week to minimize the impact of Thanksgiving gatherings. Beginning Monday, players and coaches will not be allowed to meet in person for two days after their game, with the exception of teams working on short weeks. All meetings must be virtual. Coaches can work individually in their offices, but their meetings must also be held virtually.

Players will have access to the facility on those days only if they need medical attention or for rehabilitation/recovery purposes. Locker rooms and cafeterias will be closed.

The measures are part of the NFL's evolving COVID-19 protocols designed to minimize the spread of infections, a job that had grown more difficult as infection rates have spiked this fall around the country. The league reported 156 confirmed positive test results from Nov. 15-28, a 44% increase over the first two weeks of November. It was forced to reschedule the Week 12 game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers three times because of an outbreak at the Ravens' facility, but to date it has not canceled a game.