Everybody loves a FitzMagic Christmastime miracle for Dolphins -- except the Raiders

With the Miami Dolphins' playoff hopes on the line as they trailed by three points to the Raiders in the fourth quarter in Las Vegas, head coach Brian Flores reached for a little bit of FitzMagic when he summoned veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick off the bench in relief of Tua Tagovailoa. And in Fitzpatrick's latest bit of late-game wizardry, he led not one, not two, but three scoring drives to get Miami over the top in an improbable 26-25 comeback victory.

Straightforward enough, right? Well, this time Fitzpatrick had a little something extra up his sleeve, as he helped complete the come-from-behind win with a literal no-look pass, hitting Mack Hollins for a 34-yard gain with a 15-yard penalty tacked on to get the Dolphins within field goal range for the game-winning 49-yarder in the game's final second.

Response was immediate and inspired by Fitzpatrick's latest on-field miracle.

After the fact, the Dolphins and Fitzpatrick shared something about how Fitzpatrick pulled this together after he was asked to step in and try to save the Dolphins' flagging hopes ...

So, to recap what happened:

Seems like the perfect Christmas gift for Dolphins fans, right?

So, after his latest feat of FitzMagic, how does this particular story end for our holiday hero? With Flores announcing postgame that Tagovailoa will be starting next week against Fitzpatrick's old team, the Bills, in Buffalo.