Myles Garrett says Cleveland Browns' defense 'scary' with Jadeveon Clowney addition

CLEVELAND -- Myles Garrett is salivating at the team's potential after seeing the free-agent additions made by the Cleveland Browns this winter.

With Jadeveon Clowney coming aboard, Garrett said the Browns' defense will be better. Maybe even dangerous.

"We'll be very scary," Garrett said.

The All-Pro defensive end spoke Thursday for the first time since the Browns signed Clowney to a one-year, incentive-laden $10 million contract. Clowney, like Garrett, was taken No. 1 overall in the NFL draft.

With both Clowney and Garrett coming off the edge, opposing quarterbacks could have little time to throw or be comfortable.

"I know everyone else is looking forward to it, and so am I," Garrett said of Clowney's arrival, which has pushed soaring expectations for the Browns higher after their playoff appearance last season.

"I know the guy is aggressive, really gets after it and he has a motor: keeps attacking, plays the run well and a good pass-rusher," he said. "He's an athletic specimen like someone I know on the Browns, so it will be fun."

Clowney was one of several potential high-impact additions made to the Browns' defense in free agency, along with former Los Angeles Rams safety John Johnson, cornerback Troy Hill and former Indianapolis Colts linebacker Anthony Walker.

Garrett was in downtown Cleveland to help unveil two large murals he commissioned, with one of them including renderings of two of the city's most famous sports icons: Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown and NBA superstar LeBron James.

Garrett, 25, teamed with artist Glen Infante on the colorful "Cleveland is the Reason" murals, which are displayed on the outside of the Cleveland Visitors Center.

"I have a passion and compassion for people, so I just wanted to give everybody something to look at, they'll smile upon when they come down the street and something that inspires them," Garrett said.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski was on site to support Garrett, who first came here in 2017 and now considers Cleveland a home.

"The longer I've been here, the more it's grown on me, and I've just started to love it," he said. "Even when I'm in Texas, I sometimes miss my home of being in the city or just going through and seeing the people.

"Back where I'm from, they say we have a lot of kind, well-mannered people, and I feel like it's the same way here in Cleveland. So it's much appreciated. It's always felt like a second home."

With the NFL draft coming to Cleveland next week, Garrett said the rest of the country will get to see a city he feels sometimes gets treated unfairly.

"A lot people look at Cleveland and they kind of just write it off," he said. "When I tell them about it, I say, 'Just come in with an open mind. You don't know about a lot of hidden gems. You just have to go out there with no expectations. Be open to it all.'"

The Associated Press contributed to this report.