Green Bay Packers GM Brian Gutekunst 'remains hopeful' for positive resolution with QB Aaron Rodgers

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The Green Bay Packers haven't said whether they think Aaron Rodgers will show up Tuesday when veteran players are required to report for training camp, but they talked Monday like they believe there's a chance he will play for them this season.

In his annual state-of-the-football-department address to Packers' shareholders at Lambeau Field, general manager Brian Gutekunst included Rodgers in the "strong returning nucleus" while acknowledging there may still be things to work out with the reigning NFL MVP.

"We have been working tirelessly with Aaron and his representation to resolve the issues he has raised this offseason," Gutekunst said. "And we remain hopeful for a positive resolution."

Following the meeting, Packers president Mark Murphy was asked by reporters whether he knew if Rodgers would report for training camp on time.

"No, I don't know," Murphy said.

The same man who led the Packers through the transition from Brett Favre to Rodgers during the summer of 2008 also would not say what Rodgers has told the organization that he wants.

"I think fans are frustrated with the situation," Murphy said. "I think it's kind of a pox on both houses, us and Aaron, but I think we've been in constant communication, obviously months, and I'm hopeful that we'll have it all resolved."

During the meeting, Murphy and the contingent of team executives entered Lambeau Field to a smattering of boos mixed in with tepid applause as they took the stage that was set up on the playing surface.

One of the loudest cheers was when Gutekunst, in recapping the 2020 season, mentioned Rodgers winning his third MVP.

Murphy reiterated his stance that not only do the Packers want him but they're committed to him for "2021 and beyond."

"He is our leader, and we're looking forward to winning another Super Bowl with him," Murphy said. "Obviously, it's been a challenging situation for both Aaron and us as an organization. But let's not forget all the great things Aaron has done for this organization. Three-time MVP, Super Bowl champion. It's easy to forget that but he's a phenomenal talent. We're happy to have him."

Rodgers has been largely silent since ESPN's Adam Schefter broke the news of the quarterback's state of disgruntlement with the team. In the longest interview he has granted since then, Rodgers mentioned several times to Kenny Mayne during his final SportsCenter show in May that he thinks an organization should be about the people.

Yet during Monday's meeting, while discussing improvements to the stadium, Murphy said: "Lambeau Field is the best asset we have as an organization."

After the meeting, Murphy said he was "pleasantly surprised" by the fan reaction.

"I thought there would be more booing either against us or Aaron, but I think I was pleasantly surprised," Murphy said. "I don't know if they're against the Packers or against Aaron," Murphy added.

"They want to see it resolved, and I know the people know how good a player Aaron is, but I do think sometimes in these situations it's easy to forget what he's done. I mentioned, obviously, the Super Bowl and the three MVPs, but Aaron's played through a lot of things, a lot of injuries, and has really developed into a great leader as well."

Said Rodgers in May: "I think sometimes people forget what really makes an organization. History is important, legacy of so many people who've come before you. But the people, that's the most important thing. People make an organization, people make a business and sometimes that gets forgotten. Culture is built brick by brick, the foundation of it by the people, not by the organization, not by the building, not by the corporation. It's built by the people."

Rodgers is under contract through the 2023 season but skipped all offseason activities, including the team's mandatory minicamp in June. That allowed the Packers to get second-year quarterback Jordan Love, the team's first-round pick in 2020, ready in case Rodgers does not play this season.