Whataguy! Patrick Mahomes bringing his favorite fast food to Kansas City area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One of the things Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes longed for after moving from his native Texas to KC was an order from Whataburger, one of his favorite fast food chains.

So Mahomes is bringing Whataburger to him. He's an investor in a group that over the next seven years will bring 30 Whataburger restaurants to Missouri and Kansas with a concentration of those franchises being in the Kansas City area.

"I love Kansas City and I love Whataburger,'' Mahomes said. "I'm excited to help bring a gift from my first home to my second home.''

Whataburger's expansion to the Kansas City area began before Mahomes' involvement with ownership. But that happened only after he urged the chain to bring a restaurant to Kansas City.

During Mahomes' MVP season of 2018, he talked about his love for ketchup and mentioned that Whataburger had his favorite variety of the condiment. In response, Whataburger tweeted Mahomes a photo of their ketchup bottles and asked him where they could ship it.

He responded via Twitter: "I just want a store in Kansas City!''

Whataburger announced last summer it would expand to Kansas City. The first of those restaurants are to open later this year. The first two of Mahomes' restaurants are scheduled to open in 2022.