Travis Kelce addresses social media's reaction to his new look

Getty Images

Facial hair is a tricky thing. Not everyone can pull it off masterfully and, as a rule of thumb, those who do incorporate it into their signature aesthetic often look, well, different without it.

It's for this reason that those who flaunt the type of facial hair that would make Abe Lincoln proud should heed caution before removing it. Exhibit A: Travis Kelce.

After initially shaving a mustache, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end showed up to practice rocking a fresh-shaven look on Monday -- a far cry from the glorious burly beard fans have grown accustomed to on the Super Bowl champ.

Naturally, said fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure with his grooming, because complaining about people you don't know is basically the whole premise of the platform. And to be fair, Kelce does -- as numerous Twitter users pointed out -- bear a striking resemblance to Will Ferrell if the actor were to play the football player in a movie.

Kelce, being a man of the people, heard the internet's complaints and took swift action to rectify the situation.

Let this be a lesson to us all. When it comes to hair, beware of the potential pitfalls of shaving your beard ... or cutting bangs, but that goes without saying.