'Owen 1': Pittsburgh Steelers fan masterfully trolls Cleveland Browns on social media

Editor's note: Since publication of this article, ESPN learned that the exchange between the Browns and fan Brian Campbell was Photoshopped, and that no exchange between the two occurred. Campbell has since deleted the original Tweet.

Elite-level trolling.

If the Cleveland Browns' 33-29 Week 1 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs -- which continued the franchise's winless opener streak that dates to 2004 -- weren't painful enough, the team just got dragged on Twitter with a well-played (and stone-cold) jersey inquiry.

On Sunday, the Browns took it to the defending AFC champion Chiefs for three quarters. Then in the fourth, they had a meltdown. Their AFC North archrivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, had no such trouble while making light work of the Bills in a 23-16 win in Buffalo.

The tale of two Week 1s left Cleveland susceptible to some trolling of the first order -- a vulnerability that avid Pittsburgh fan Brian Campbell didn't hesitate to expose:

Not sure which is more impressive, Campbell's perfectly executed troll job or that you apparently can get a free Browns jersey simply by asking nicely on social media.

While some partake in the activity of trolling with the intended outcome of tearing others down from the comfort of their parents' basement, we will file this particular incident under the much more wholesome (and clever) category of "I'm going to take a shot at my team's archrival."

"I haven't trolled anyone before; the credit really needs to be given to all of my college teammates at West Liberty University that I played baseball with that are from the state of Ohio. We argue all the time about sports, so it started out as a joke to mess with them and took off viral," Campbell told ESPN.

Probably smart the Browns got that block out of the way early in the season. Who knows what would have been in store ahead of the Pittsburgh-Cleveland Week 8 showdown on Oct. 31.