'Beat by Dallas,' Cowboys have fun at Eagles coach Nick Sirianni's expense after big MNF win

If you choose to wear a T-shirt with a not-so-subtle message pertaining to your upcoming opponent, you better hope your team wins. Otherwise, you might find yourself in the precarious position of Philadelphia Eagles coach Nick Sirianni after the Dallas Cowboys dominated Philly 41-21 on Monday Night Football.

Ahead of his first game against the Eagles' NFC East rival, Sirianni made the bold decision to sport a "Beat Dallas" shirt to his news conference. According to right tackle Lane Johnson, the whole team got the statement shirts too.

At the time, Sirianni explained, "I really love the fact that I'm able to partake in this rivalry and it means a lot to the city, to our team; it means a lot to this building."

... It also meant bulletin board material for the Cowboys.

After Dallas' convincing win, the team's social account couldn't resist trolling their foe with a well-executed tweet featuring a modified version of the famed shirt.

Team-on-team crime.

The Cowboys improved to 2-1 as Dak Prescott threw for three touchdowns in his first home game since suffering a season-ending compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle in Week 5 last year.

"Just thankful for everything that I've been through, all of the hard work that made me account for just to be back out here doing what I love," Prescott said of his performance. "It's the greatest place to play football."

Next up, Dallas faces Carolina with the visiting Panthers seeking their first 4-0 start since the 2015 season, when they started 14-0 and lost to Denver in the Super Bowl.