Tattoo Chronicles: Baltimore Ravens fan plans to get new ink for each win during 2021 season

If Lamar Jackson leads the Baltimore Ravens to the Super Bowl this season, Nic Cullison's right leg will feature a lot of ink documenting the yearlong memories.

Cullison, 26, is commemorating every Ravens win in 2021 with a tattoo. He currently has two -- the final score of Baltimore's victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2 and a goal post honoring Justin Tucker's game-winning 66-yard field goal in Detroit on Sunday.

"If I have it my way, I will have a full leg sleeve by the end of the season and end it with Lamar holding up the Lombardi [trophy]," Cullison said.

A native of Joppatowne, Maryland, Cullison is on active duty for the Navy in Oklahoma, where he lives with his wife, Naomi, and 3-year-old daughter, Raelyn. But his passion for sports remains with the Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles.

Shortly before the Ravens' game against the Chiefs, Cullison told his wife that he would get the score of the game tattooed on his right leg if Baltimore finally beat Kansas City. Then, 10 minutes after the Ravens' 36-35 comeback victory, Naomi got the tattoo gun and starting inking above his right knee.

"After the Chiefs tattoo, I was like: 'Do I keep it going, or am I going to let this die?'" Cullison said. "Then, after that 66-yard field goal, that answered it for me."

His wife is not a professional tattoo artist but wants to get an internship to hone her skills. Naomi is an aesthetician -- a licensed skincare professional -- who would like to get into the medical side of tattooing, which would involve permanent makeup.

She got the tattoo gun two months ago and started with a couple of tattoos on herself and a few small designs on one of Nic's wrists. Nic said he didn't think twice about asking his wife to handle his Ravens tattoos.

"I know they're not going to look perfect," he said. "At the end of the day, this story behind it to me is so much more. It's cool that my wife is cool enough to do that for me."

Nic has both arms covered in tattoos and has some on each calf. The tattoos honor the military as well as his father, who died from cancer in 2015.

The only stipulation going forward with the new Ravens tattoos is that Nic doesn't design them. That will be Naomi's job.

"I'm tired of them looking ugly," Naomi said.

Is Naomi surprised that her husband is doing this?

"I'm surprised he didn't ask for it earlier," she said. "I would describe Nic as the die-est of the die-hard."

Nic's tattoos have caught the attention of some Ravens players, who have posted pictures of them on their Instagram stories. Jackson has even retweeted a photo of Nic's tattooed right leg on Twitter.

Many of Naomi's friends have seen the tattoos on social media and tell her that their husbands are all talking about it.

"I'm like, yes, that's my husband," Naomi said with a laugh.