Tyrann Mathieu breaks thumb, voices frustrations during and after Kansas City Chiefs' comeback win

LANDOVER, Md. -- Tyrann Mathieu was animated Sunday.

He had an on-field outburst when the Kansas City Chiefs allowed the Washington Football Team to convert on third-and-16 late in the first half, and again on the sideline when they busted a coverage to allow Washington's only touchdown of the game.

Then he went off on social media, engaging in name-calling on Twitter and also disclosing he fractured his thumb during the Chiefs' eventual 31-13 win.

Mathieu was heated during the sequence late in the first half, one that ended with Washington ahead 13-10. He took his helmet off after the third-and-16 play and was screaming at the Chiefs' sideline. After the drive ended with Washington's 39-yard touchdown, he continued his rant -- apparently aimed at no one in particular -- on the sideline before being calmed by defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

"It's high expectations,'' Mathieu said.

It was the first time the Chiefs allowed fewer than 29 points all season.

"Obviously we can be a championship defense," he said. "We've been to the championship the last two years. After a while you have to play a certain way and when it comes to third-and-long you have to get off the football field.''

Asked whether he was upset by the defensive call or the Chiefs' effort on the play, Mathieu added: "It was third-and-long. It doesn't matter what play the coach calls. As players you have to execute. Obviously you have to have formation recognition. You just need to [have a] sense of urgency. I just think the whole defense took [the play] off. Coach is going to call the game and as players we have to make it right.''

The Chiefs responded well to the outburst. They shut out Washington in the second half.

"They love it when I go crazy,'' Mathieu said of his teammates. "I don't know why. The coaches like it. ... I felt like we put in a lot of good work this week and I thought the goal was to hold those guys to 10 points and under. Anytime you don't reach your goals, it kind of pissed me off.

"[Spagnuolo] knows me. He knows I'm never mad at my teammates or him. It's more so the expectations and I want us to play how we practice.''

Mahomes was also agitated afterward on social media. He answered a question about why he didn't make a certain tackle by saying he fractured his thumb.

He later deleted the tweet, but also taunted some others via posts.