From Chase Young's Sean Taylor tribute to CeeDee Lamb's walk-off wave: What you might have missed in NFL Week 6

How 'bout Week 6? ... And them Dallas Cowboys?

With the exception of Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals (6-0), few teams can boast about having as successful a start to the season as Dak Prescott & Co. (5-1). But Dallas' most recent win didn't come easy, as Mac Jones and the New England Patriots -- who are off to an 0-4 start at home for the first time since 1993 -- used a wild fourth quarter to ensure overtime.

The sixth week of the regular season also saw a Sooner-on-Sooner showdown as former Oklahoma quarterbacks Murray and Baker Mayfield faced off in Cleveland. Then there was Aaron Rodgers' taunt of Chicago Bears fans.

While all of the aforementioned action was riveting in its own right, it paled in comparison to what went down in London. Yeah, sure, the Jacksonville Jaguars earned their first win of the season, but we were actually referring to their mascot's intrepid entrance.

Before we turn our attention to the Monday Night Football matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans (8:15 p.m. ET, ESPN), here's what you might have missed around the league during a busy Sunday:

The best in the nation ...

Jamal Adams knows who he is, and he's not afraid to share it with the world. During Sunday Night Football intros, ahead of the Seattle Seahawks' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the safety diverted from the traditional practice of naming one's former college or high school and instead chose to emulate a viral South Florida video from the late Trabis Ward by proclaiming, "I'm the best in the nation."

Sean Taylor forever ...

Earlier on Sunday, the Washington Football Team retired the late, great Sean Taylor's famed No. 21 jersey at halftime of the team's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. To pay tribute to the legendary defensive player, who was killed in 2007, current Washington defensive standout Chase Young taped up his face mask the way Taylor used to do.


Rodgers owns the Bears ...

Rodgers is a bad man. He's also a creative one.

On Sunday, after extending the Green Bay Packers' lead with a rushing touchdown, the quarterback found a loophole to the taunting rule by directing his chirping at the fans rather than the players.

Yes, he did just yell, "I still own you!"

Considering Rodgers is now 22-5 (.815) vs. the Bears in his career including playoffs -- which is the third-best win percentage by a QB vs. a single opponent since 1950 (with a minimum of 25 starts), trailing only Tom Brady vs. the Bills (.914) and Ben Roethlisberger vs. the Browns (.870) -- it kinda, sorta doesn't seem like a lie.

Wikipedia, you know what to do.

Diggs and Jones and Lamb, oh my ...

Of all of Sunday's games, none had a fourth quarter and overtime sequence quite like what went down in New England.

The chaos commenced when Dallas cornerback Trevon Diggs -- who has an interception in all six games this season, which is tied for the longest streak to begin a season in NFL history -- did what he does best.

This time the pick-six came at the expense of Diggs' former Alabama teammate, Jones.

Yikes. If you didn't catch the game, this is the point in the story when you might be wondering if rookie Jones' confidence will ever recover. But you would be foolish to do so. Because on the very next drive Jones did this:

Jones clearly adheres to the whole "be a goldfish" principal preached by fictional soccer coach Ted Lasso ... that or he's just unshakable.

Sadly for Patriots fans, the game didn't end there. The Cowboys got the last laugh when CeeDee Lamb came through with a walk-off touchdown in overtime.

Dropping to 0-4 at home on the season? Tough. Lamb waving goodbye after the play? Priceless.

Clearly, winning five straight is fun, as Diggs tweeted this after helping the Cowboys secure their longest winning streak since 2016:

OU's finest go head-to-head ...

While we're on the subject of former Oklahoma star Lamb -- and teammate-vs.-teammate action -- we might as well address the Sooner showdown that took place between Heisman-winning QBs Murray and Mayfield.

Murray emerged victorious as the Arizona Cardinals dominated the Cleveland Browns with a convincing 37-14 win.

Afterward, Murray turned to Twitter fingers to rub a little dirt in Mayfield's wound on the heels of the Cards' reference to the famous 2006 post-Big 12 Championship Game rap by Malcolm Kelly.

In a shocking turn of events, Twitter users went in on Murray for his cheekiness. So the early front-runner for MVP felt compelled to clarify that his fellow OU boy is, in fact, his brother.

Hail Mayfield ...

We've already established that Sunday didn't go the Browns' way, but that doesn't mean Mayfield's heave to the end zone to end the first half was any less spectacular.

Oh my arm strength.

The Ravens send their regards ...

By now, after a string of wins that were pulled out in miraculous ways, you would think we all would have learned the invaluable lesson that is: Never count out the Baltimore Ravens.

If Sunday's 34-6 win over the highly touted Los Angeles Chargers didn't do the trick, let Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum's misfortune be a warning.

Jags show out in London ...

London suits the Jacksonville Jaguars. Not only did the Jags snap their 20-game losing streak with a 23-20 win over the Miami Dolphins -- it marked the franchise's first victory in 399 days -- but Trevor Lawrence became the first rookie QB to win a game in London (rookie QBs were 0-5 in London entering Sunday).

If the win wasn't enough reason to celebrate (it was), Jacksonville mascot Jaxson de Ville also turned things all the way up with another awe-inspiring entrance.

Whatever they're paying de Ville, it isn't enough.