Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan hits Russell Gage for a 49-yard touchdown

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. - The Atlanta Falcons opened up the second half with the longest catch and touchdown of Russell Gage's career.

Gage, who returned from a three-game absence Sunday due to an ankle injury, darted down the field following a 26-yard reception by Kyle Pitts for a 49-yard touchdown where he ran right past Miami safety Jevon Holland.

Gage had so much room on the play, it was almost as if he sat down and waited for the ball to get there before he caught it and fell into the end zone. It was also Matt Ryan's first completion this season on a ball that was thrown 40-plus yards in the air downfield after he missed on his first three attempts this season. Of the 49 yards on the touchdown, 47 of them were in the air.

The 49-yard touchdown was also longer than all the rest of Gage's catches this season to this point, which had totaled 46 yards.