Retired ex-New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung charged with assault and battery of family member

Former New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung was charged Monday with assault and battery against a family member and vandalism, according to court records.

Chung appeared in court Tuesday in Quincy, Massachusetts, and pleaded not guilty to charges involving the mother of one of his children. The woman, who represented herself, also obtained a civil restraining order against Chung at the hearing. Chung was released on $10,000 personal surety. His next court hearing is scheduled for Jan. 7.

"Mr. Chung is an upstanding member of the community, wonderful father, and he looks forward to be able to set this straight in respect to what actually occurred. He is the victim in this matter," said Sandy Pesiridis, Chung's attorney, according to The Boston Globe.

Chung, 34, played for the Patriots from 2009 to 2012 and then from 2014 to 2019. He was part of three Super Bowl championship teams.

Chung had opted out of the 2020 season because of the coronavirus pandemic and intended to play in 2021 before retiring in March, posting on Instagram that "it's time to start a new life."

He later said that breaking the news of his retirement to Patriots coach Bill Belichick "was probably the hardest conversation" he had in a long time.

"I felt like I was letting him down, but it was something I had to do for my family and me," Chung said at the time.

On Monday afternoon, Chung had tweeted that he was having the "best day of my life."

In August 2019, Chung was indicted for cocaine possession in New Hampshire but he had the charge conditionally dismissed in January 2020.