Microsoft and New Orleans Saints safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson have fun with Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady tossing a tablet

METAIRIE, La. -- Microsoft and New Orleans Saints safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson had some fun at Tom Brady's expense after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback infamously destroyed his Microsoft Surface tablet on Sunday night.

Gardner-Johnson, who has developed a reputation as one of the NFL's most notorious trash-talkers, has now intercepted Brady twice this season and referred to the first one as rescuing a "baby GOAT" that he saw floating in the air. Gardner-Johnson also was spotted gleefully smiling in Brady's face on the TV broadcast -- to which Brady turned away and laughed.

But Brady wasn't all smiles during the 9-0 loss to the Saints. He was spotted yelling angrily toward the Saints' sideline at one point, and he was caught slamming his tablet out of frustration.

"Yeah, I was pretty pissed. I broke the tablet, I threw it," Brady said on his SiriusXM "Let's Go!" podcast with Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald on Monday. "I didn't want to throw an interception with that tablet, so I made sure it hit the ground. It was out of use. There was no chance of that one being used after I got a hold of that tablet."

Brady gave a more sarcastic response when asked about yelling at the Saints' sideline.

"Oh, we were just exchanging pleasantries," Brady said. "It was a nice night in Tampa. We were just wonderfully in the heat of the moment, expressing -- uh, I wouldn't say pleasantries -- but we were very competitive in that moment. It was emotional. So that's just football players being football players."

Brady has lost four straight regular-season games to the Saints since he joined the rival Buccaneers last year -- though he did get revenge in the playoffs last season. They are the only team to beat him in four straight regular-season games in his career.

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New Orleans also became the first team to shut him out since 2006 on Sunday night.

"They're a terrific team and they play us really well. They're called the Saints -- I don't think they're very saintly," Brady joked on his podcast. "A saint probably would've let us score once or twice. So they've gotta rethink that nickname."