Antonio Brown's glove from sideline meltdown at MetLife Stadium sells for $16,900 in online auction

The glove that former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown threw into the stands during his infamous sideline meltdown at MetLife Stadium last month has sold for $16,911.60 in an online auction.

The glove, which was auctioned off by Lelands, received 53 bids over a 13-day window that closed Saturday night. The bidding started at $81, Brown's number with the Buccaneers before he was released by the team days after the Week 17 incident.

Brown said his outburst was due to the Bucs attempting to force him to play with an injured ankle, while coach Bruce Arians claims Brown was angry over a lack of targets. Brown and his attorney Sean Burstyn indicated they are pursuing legal action against the Buccaneers.

Brown has said that he would like to continue playing football next season after his ankle heals. But he also continues to pursue a career in music and recently announced that he became president of Donda Sports, a sports and lifestyle brand from Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. He also tweeted this past week that he would like to purchase the Denver Broncos through Donda Sports.